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✨bragail✨ fundraising pronoun cloud badges (limited stock!!)

✨bragail✨ fundraising pronoun cloud badges (limited stock!!)

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Be bragail and pròiseil every day! 

Everyone has pronouns, regardless of how you identify in life! Whether you're queer or you just love and hold space for people who are, the widespread sharing of pronouns on social media and when we meet new people creates spaces where our trans and gender non conforming pals know they're safe to share their true selves with us.

It takes an extremely bragail being to be out and authentic in our world, that's why profits from the sale of these pins will go the crowdfunds of trans people in Scotland, to help with lifesaving surgeries, travel, living costs, asylum, etc. Once this stock is sold out, profits will be donated, and the next stock-up will begin!

These high quality wooden pins made in the UK from sustainably sourced materials and non-toxic inks! They feature two pin posts and heart shaped rubber closings for extra security.

(If your pronouns are not here, let me know and I'll get to work on some more variations - I'm a one person team so it made sense to start with the most frequently used ones for the first go!)

Le Gaol, Choirstaidh (ise/iad) // With love, Choirstaidh (she/they)

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