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✨bragail✨ natural titlepiece embroidered sweatshirt // PREORDER

✨bragail✨ natural titlepiece embroidered sweatshirt // PREORDER

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The 'Bragail' collection is a celebration of the absolute cheek it takes to keep a language and culture alive through generations of repression. 

'Bragail' translates to brazen, and is often used in a derogatory way, especially against young women, so as well as an expression of the gorgeous spirit of determination alive in all Gàidhlig speakers, this collection celebrates taking up space, being cocky, a bit much, bold as brass. 

For a language to still be alive after hundreds of years of discrimination, banning, ridicule, and a lack of funding, rebellion has to live in the souls of her people.

✨Gaelic is Punk.✨

please note that this listing is for a pre-order!

All choirstaidhiona.jpeg items are made sustainably and ethically in Glasgow, Scotland. This is how it's always been, and how it will always be. I don't believe in mass-producing and being wasteful, cutting corners in terms of sustainability and worker happiness to knock prices down, or exploiting others for monetary gain. As a result of this, processing time for orders is longer than fast-fashion businesses, but the end product is a high quality garment that no one had to suffer for, which is more than worth the wee wait!

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