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Sgioba Ealain Booking - Saturdays @ The Hidden Gardens

Sgioba Ealain Booking - Saturdays @ The Hidden Gardens

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Sgioba Ealain is a brand new, inclusive space for all Gaelic-speaking kids to learn about the world of art, historical and contemporary, through play, crafting, and obviously, the Gaelic language! As a former weird art kid, current weird art adult, I know how vital spaces to make and be among kindred spirits are for the wellbeing of those of us with sparkly and creative souls.⁠

We'll be making unconventional self portraits, stop motion films, impossible collaged landscapes, wearable art, edible art, you name it, all in the gorgeous setting of The Hidden Gardens! During this initial 10 week block, we'll have a mix of in-"class" days, and exhibition visits, ending in a group exhibition at a real arts venue in Glasgow, complete with an exhibition opening! 

Sgioba Ealain will be delivered entirely in Scottish Gaelic, so will be best suited to kids who attend Gaelic Medium Education schools, and/or have Gaelic at home. Those from outside Glasgow more than welcome. Sgioba Ealain will be in session from 10.30AM-12.30PM, but please note that our exhibition visit days may be at different times. This timetable can be found on the Sgioba Ealain landing page!

This listing has options to book for 5 weeks, ten weeks at a discounted rate, as well as a single week option. Please note that it is preferable that all children are booked as many weeks in advance as possible, as well as having their places paid up, however I understand that for some families paying weekly makes more sense!

Please use the discount code SIBLINGS at checkout, for discounts on sibling groups!

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